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Remezan hêviyên me geş bikî!

March 25, 2019

Here is the details of the project by Jason’s own words:
”Besides being enamored with the Kurdish people - their storied resilience and courage in the face of hardship - they helped me understand my own connection to recent history and the nuisance of regional events.
We are partnering with friends to engage in art initiatives in IDP and refugee camps around Kurdistan. These art initiatives include a series of “HOPE Murals”, a kite project, origami workshops, and other creative activities sponsored for children in the camps through the partnership of Kurdish artist friends and organizations.
The heart of the mission is to connect our diverse communities in the service of those living in desperate circumstances. Art is the chosen method as it effectively transcends language, geography, and cultural barriers; and it is a powerful tool for cultivating resilience through community connection, creativity, and self-expression.”

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